Two Blender Types Immersion and Countertop Explained

Blenders are one of the most commonly used appliances in an average kitchen. Their convenience of use and efficiency in performing a variety of everyday kitchen tasks has given them an irreplaceable place in the kitchen. When hearing the word blender, the first thing that might come to the minds of most is smoothies and milkshakes. Blenders, however, are used for much. You can make your favorite cocktails, lump-free pancakes and even the most perfect, fluffy, restaurant quality omelets! If you are looking for the best blender, Choose Blender provides all the necessary information. If you are want to add a new blender to your kitchen counter you have to first make a choice among the two basic types. Your decision will be based upon which appliance suits your needs best how much countertop space you need.

Countertop blender

The other basic type of blender is the countertop blender or jar blender or jug blender. They are generally heavier and take up more space than immersion blenders. Apart from blending, these blenders can be used to perform a variety of other kitchen tasks including mixing, pureeing, grinding and chopping.

Just like with immersion blenders, there is a wide variety of different types of countertop blenders available in the market ranging from small low powered blenders suitable for small families to heavy duty commercial blenders with powerful motors and large capacity jug. The choice, again, rests on your shoulders to select the right one for your family. Smaller blenders with a low motor power are suitable if you want it to perform simple blending tasks and you have a small family to feed. Commercial ones have a larger capacity and a powerful motor to handle tasks like blending, chopping and grinding.

Immersion blender

Immersion blender is also known as the hand-held blender or stick blender. These are long stick-like devices which are held vertically over the food which is to be blended. This type of blender has blades attached on its lower end to cut through the food. The main advantage that these blenders have over the jug blenders is that they can blend hot ingredients directly in the cooking pan. They can even blend through boiling hot ingredients. They are simple to use and easy to clean.

There is wide variety of immersion blenders available in the market ranging from simple hand blenders that come without any attachments to commercial heavy duty blenders. You have to select depending on what type of tasks you want it to perform and how much money are you willing to spend. Simplest hand blenders generally come only with a mixing jug has a low powered motor suitable for performing simplest blending tasks. Some better quality ones come with multiple attachments and a powerful motor to handle a wider range of tasks. Commercial blenders are of the highest quality and come with a longer shaft for better grip and heavy motor to handle the processing of large amounts of food.

Healthy Green Juice Recipes You Can Try In Your Cold Press Juicer

Juices are a convenient way of increasing your fruits and vegetable consumption and adding many essential nutrients in your diet that you otherwise find hard to consume. Many people do not enjoy a plate of broccoli or salad on the dinner table but when the same thing is presented in the form of a juice you will either enjoy it or find it easier to gulp it down your throat. Green juices are especially healthy since they provide you with all the rich nutrients from the green vegetables. You have loads of options you can try. After trying a bunch of recipes that we have provided or are available on the internet, you can even experiment with your own unique combinations and find out how they taste. These are the green juices that I find most healthy and delicious and make them often in my cold press juicer:

Pineapple green juice:

Too much of greens can become to bitter for your tongue especially if you have just started consuming green juices. For the beginners, it is therefore recommended to keep the addition of green vegetables to a minimum in the juice drink and include some sweet tasting fruits to balance out the bitter taste.


  1.       Pineapple, 3kg
  2.       Green apple, 1kg
  3.       A few mint leaves
  4.       Cucumber, 1kg


Cut the pineapple and remove the skin. Push the pieces of pineapple through the feed chute of the juicer along with green apples, mint leaves and cucumbers. Serve the juice in glasses and garnish with mint leaves before you serve.

Carrot and Green Apple Juice:

Carrots are an excellent and popular ingredient for juices. This is not only a healthy drink but if you look at the ingredients you will know what a delicious combination it will make. You will have to make it to find out just how delicious it will be.


  1.       Carrots, 3.5 kg
  2.       Green Apple, 1.5 kg
  3.       Red Apple, 1.5 kg
  4.       Lemon, 100 g
  5.       Ginger, 100 g


Wash all the fruits and vegetables properly and then simply push them down the feed chute of your cold press juice extractor. Serve the drink out in glasses, add some ice cubes and serve it right away. Juices are best when consumed right away.

Beet Juice:

Beet improves your blood flow and is an excellent choice for athletes. It is a good drink to be consumed especially after a workout session to speed up your blood flow to deliver more oxygen to the muscles and remove toxins from them. The juice will also have the countless advantages of cucumbers and kale.


  1.       Red Beet, 2.5 kg
  2.       Orange, 1.5 kg
  3.       Cucumber, 1 kg
  4.       Kale, 1 kg


Push all the fruits and vegetables down the feed chute of your cold press juicer after washing them thoroughly. Serve the juice in glasses and enjoy.

Types and Key Features of a Typical Food Processor

A food processor machine makes labor-intensive tasks extremely easy, hence decreasing kitchen related stress. It is the most fundamental gadget that every kitchen should own in order to save energy and resources.

Different Types of Food Processors Available Today

  •   Mini-prep Processor

This processor is also known as a food chopper and has a 3 to 4 cup capacity bowl. It makes chopping, dicing, and mincing easy. The larger models of this type of processor come with an additional mini-bowl attachment. It consumes less storage space than other processor types.

  •   Mid-size

A mid-size processor has 7-9 cup capacity bowls. It is an average sized bowl perfect for family dinners. This processor is helpful for almost all processor related tasks while being extremely efficient and user-friendly.

  •   Large processor

With capacity bowls of 11 to 13 cup, it categorizes as a family size machine. This processor type is ideal for families who throw parties, events, and dinners quite frequently. It can process large amounts of food instantly to cut on your kitchen tasks.

  •   Extra-large processor

An extra-large processor has a 14 to 20 cup capacity bowls although it is only ideal for restaurants, clubs, mess or places with special kitchen needs. It can accommodate ingredients for a recipe, double or more than the normal quantity.

Key features

  •   Motor

A good food processor speeds up the food processing through its powerful motor. It can handle larger volumes of food for a longer period of time than a food processor with an average motor. Another good feature of a quality motor is the warranty its manufacturer gives. Ideally, a span of 20 years is the guarantee period that a premium food processor motor offers.

  •   Overall Size

Generally, food processors are large and bulky with just enough weight to keep itself stable when the motor gets into working. These heavy appliances need wide room on the kitchen worktop with some models that need additional vertical length for an easy access for its opening. Food processors also require adequate room where they can be conveniently stored.

  •   Capacity

A food processor with multiple bowl options will make your kitchen experience worthwhile. Few models offer a mid-bowl or a handy bowl along with the main bowl. The capacity of your food processor also depends on how many people you are cooking for and how often.

  •   Capacity disk

Unlike usual food processors, the one with a capacity disk is a key feature to look for in the market. This attachment is essential if you plan to use your food processor to make various kinds of liquids. A capacity disk allows the processor bowl to push back any liquid that rises to the top, back towards where the disk is. Hence, the function of the disk changes its force to allow equal mixing. It also allows you to reach maximum liquid levels without splattering it outside. This is where other food processors without a capacity disk fail.

  •   Pulse

Food processors with a pulse function generate short intervals of power to the processor blade. This phenomenon helps in an even distribution of load for an even consistency, especially when blending smaller quantities of food.

Complete Relaxation Using the Massage Chair

Over the previous few years, the popularity of massage treatment has increased by more than two folds. A large number of people have been recognizing the enduring health benefits of receiving regular massage therapy. However, busy routines and hectic schedules hinder people from getting regular massage therapy. This problem, however, has been resolved with the evolution of massage chairs.

An amazing feature of these massage chairs is their full body capability which enables receiving massage treatments from top to bottom. These sophisticated chairs have embedded technologies that enable them to perform diverse treatments for different body parts.

Modern massage chairs provide an array of massage techniques ranging from Swedish, acupressure, deep tissue, shiatsu, and reflexology. All these techniques could be received just with a touch of a button. A massage chair is generally accompanied by a remote control to offer more accessibility and convenience to the users. This allows users to select the type of technique or target a specific area. The user can completely control the duration, treatment, and its application.

Massage therapy can effectively aid in relieving pain, discomfort, or stiffness experienced by many people. Massage chairs can conveniently provide access to everyday massage therapy even in the comfort of your home or workplace. These chairs can allow you to select the area and systematically relieve the pain and discomfort with just the touch of a button. For instance, a ten-minute reflexology foot massage can do wonders for sore feet.

A massage chair can do miracles even for those with a hectic and busy schedule. All you need to do is just select the type and duration of the massage which fits your schedule. Even a few minutes of massage therapy can have amazing results on your health and attitude.

The incidence of massage chairs has reduced the need to take out time for visiting a spa or a health club for availing massage therapy. The various benefits of massage treatments can be availed within the comfort and convenience of your home or office. In this manner, they can considerably save time while being able to provide massage treatment to various body parts simultaneously. You can avail parallel massage services and thereby receive a complete body massage within just fifteen minutes! On the other hand, a massage therapist provides a full body massage in an hour. A massage chair not only saves time but also improves your physical and mental health.You can visit this website to purchase the best massage chair of top brands.

In addition to these benefits, a massage chair also aids in offsetting the harmful effects of stress on your body. They can be used for proactively managing the accumulation of stress and anxiety in the body. They are not only convenient but could also be used regularly to gain the maximum benefits of massage treatment. So just jump into your massage chair and get complete relaxation for your mind and body!

Is Underbust corset the right choice for you

Waist training is growing more and more popular with each passing day mainly because of its effectiveness and its hype created by some well known celebrities. Waist trainers are used for a number of purposes for example to achieve an hourglass shape, for permanent weight reduction, to provide relief from back pain and to improve posture. Waist trainers come in different types and shapes, each more suitable to serve a specific purpose. Before buying a waist trainer, you must be entirely sure as to why you are buying it in the first place.

Corsets come in two basic types namely underbust and overbust. As the name suggests, underbust corset starts from under your bust and goes all the way down to your hips. In contrast, overbust corset cover your busts along with your torso. Many women prefer underbust corsets over overbust because of their versatile and less constricting nature as compared to overbust.

Here are some reasons why you would want to choose an underbust corset:

Enhances your hourglass shape

It works perfectly as a piece of lingerie under your evening dress to not only enhance your hourglass shape but also give a boost to your confidence. It enhances your hourglass figure by cinching the waist and pushing the fat to upper and lower parts of your body making them appear fuller. If you are a woman with more of a flat chest, an underbust corset will work nicely for you, making your bust appear one or two sizes bigger than they actually are.

Improves your posture

With an underbust corset you are provided with the necessary support in your midsection which helps improve your posture. Improving your posture will not only prevent you from any future back related problems but will also improve your overall appearance and confidence.

Can be worn over clothes as well

Its versatility allows it to be worn under the clothes or over them if you like. Wearing an underbust corset over you dress, gives it a whole new look. You can try experimenting it with different outfits and see how it looks! You also need to do some research to find the best waist trainer corset for yourself, provides all the information you are looking for.

Allows more movement

This type of corset is not as constricting as overbust corset. In fact waist trainers designed for weight loss purposes are mostly underbust and can be worn during exercise as they allow the user to move freely in them. In addition, they are more comfortable to wear than overbust and are even used for back support and back pain relief.

Can be worn by men as well

This type, in contrast to overbust corsets, can be worn by men as well. It enhances their pectoral muscles and makes their waist appear slimmer. What’s more, it accomplishes its purpose while remaining invisible under the clothes for both men and women.

The Best Way to disassemble a hoverboard?

Understanding of things will help you to definitely get master of these so that as the owner of hoverboard, if you wish to gather more information relating to this technological invention, then you’re most effective strategy is to disassemble it.

However, for people with newly owned it, and when your curiosity builds up to disassemble it, I then am afraid, you’ll be losing  Six month warranty period. However, this informative article is really a boon in case you have given out their warranty period and wind up in peculiar and problematic phase within their lives where they don’t find out about the best way to disassemble a hoverboard. If you would like for you to be aware of same, then this following post is made for you:-

The top section of a hoverboard is soft, unlike the down the one that is much more suited to rough and difficult surfaces. Hence, accordingly, the top end may be at risk of getting scratched if carelessly placed on a surface that is difficult to it. Therefore, obtain a soft surface. Now, the initial step towards disassembling it’s to get rid of the 20 Phillips head screws, situated in the lower part.

When you are done, remove those plastic covers. Be gentle in addition and never place them off suddenly, because of the prevailing wired connections that are equally must be disconnected.

While lifting plastic cover, you will notice few wires. For completely taking out the plastic cover, it’s imperative that you should completely remove 3 connections on its right side.

Following the 3 connections are removed, you won’t be having any issues towards detaching the plastic shield to enable your inroads straight to the logic board. Now, stick to the same procedure within the left side, quite exactly like the way you have carried out using the earlier right side. Here, however, there lies only one connection that you simply have to remove. To read all guides and tips together with best hoverboard reviews click here.

When you are done, you now obtain a perfect look at the interior things or unit. That’s where you will get the solution to the query that you wish to discover the answer for that’s the best way to disassemble a hoverboard.

The post is made for learning purposes where, in the case of facing challenges, you’ll find the right path straight to the inner part without dependent upon others. This gives an increased authority of operating it, as well as, you’ll be in a very stronger position of rectifying changes whenever they might appear.